Our CNC Laser Cutting is well known in various engineering industries and is offered as per client’s requirements and specifications. Our quality norms are in accordance with the international standards.


Our CNC bending machines can bend metals with accuracy greater than +/- 0. 05 degree and has the ability to bend MS, Gi, SS. Manual hydraulic adjusting valve is provided for our CNC bending machines to control the speed of bending motion.

  • Bending facilities is provided based on the requirements.
  • Provides accurate dimensions.
  • Enhances quality NC bending parts.
  • Safe and fast operation.

Process of sheet steel fabrication includes manufacturing process of sheet steel parts right from their design to finished assemblies. The above process encompasses three essential areas … Design & Development, Production and Fabrication. We have state of the art machinery, latest software tools and skilled work force to produce best result in each of these three areas. Advance software tools are used to create 3D model of product as required by the customer. These are then unfolded with software to get developed drawings of flat product. These drawings are then processing through programs of CNC Laser Cutting Machine and CNC Bending Machine.


Laser Cutting

The CNC laser cutting machine is used to cut metals such as Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum with high precision and speed. Laser provides excellent cut quality and productivity on material less than 16 mm. Laser technology has high capital equipment, running and maintenance costs, therefore a high level of business volume is required to pay back the cost of the equipment.

We have state of the art CNC laser machine makes such as "Trumpf ", Germany. Which can laser cut Sheet metal of varying thicknesses and sizes with bed size is 3 mtrs x 1.5 mtrs.

Our expert team of programmers and operators at each manufacturing location are geared up for execution of complex component laser cutting. With input as a drawings or a finished sample part provided by customer. We have an independent Online UPS back up of 10 minutes duration for each laser cutting machine which ensures continuity in operation even when there is a power failure. The UPS keeps the machine in operation till changeover is done to DG.


CNC Bending

CNC machine bending is a highly automated bending process. It allows high dimensional accuracy and design flexibility. The process provides excellent repeatability. Traditionally CNC programming is done on the shop floor, on the CNC controller of press brake. However, it can result in wrong bending resulting in scrap if the drawings are interpreted wrongly resulting in wastage of material. However, we use software Controller like Delem CNC which defines the bending sequence. Finger stop placement, simple programming for CNC controller resulting in high productivity and lower wastage in terms of shop floor press brake time. It also stimulates the bending process detecting collusion. This result in lower wastage, in turn economic manufacturing at faster speed resulting in quick deliveries.

The knowledge and experience of press brake operators helps guarantee part accuracy & economy. We provide necessary training to give that expertise to the operators in the first place. Time to time we organize training sessions with in organization to update the operators about new techniques and tools to improve productivity.